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Edinburgh Alternative Comedy Night

This is an irregularly hosted, fun time of an evening. An absolute pleasure of awkward comedy, weird poetry and confusing performances. Like the facebook page then you will know when it’s happening.


Internet is an “art” collective formed of me, Diego Chamy and other guests. We have made performances and videos in the form of theatre plays, stand-up comedy and performance art about how we create a sense of togetherness, how we think about failure, how we recognise something is missing, how we distinguish between abilities and disabilities and how the world might be different if shyness was embraced.


Rhubaba Gallery and Studios is an artist-run organisation in Edinburgh. I used to be a studio holder and committee member. They have an exhibitions and events programme, a choir and a great community.

Oh No… with a Quiz

Oh No… is a night I used to run with Geri Snell upstairs in the Waverley pub in Edinburgh. It was a cabaret of sorts, where anything went (apart from nudity and swearing, which the landlord forbade). We often had a game of “Who’s in the Cupboard?” where the audience had to guess who was in the cupboard using Yes/No questions. Cupboard guests have included Jon Owen, Alex Salmond and Santa. John and Joe always did a quiz, with classics such as Ritta Sport Bingo.