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Live is where it’s at. I like all kinds of live: theatre, comedy, performance art, open mic, readings, talking, meetings, eating. I’m no purest, I don’t mind if they get mixed up; if there’s a bit of comedy in the performance art, talking in the reading or eating in the theatre, that’s fine by me. You can see some of these activities on this page, but bear in mind, it’s not live here.

To see more performances by Internet (collaboration with Diego Chamy) you will need to go to Internet the website.


Right, I’ve got this friend and she used to be really into tractors…


It’s not always clear what an audience expects, and that can make it difficult to know what to do. In Expectations I made a list of the audience’s expectations and then tried to fulfil them. I should say that this video is a selection of the best bits of a five night run in Toronto. This was also the only time I have ever done a ‘run’ and the tech team at Buddies in Bad Times theatre made the incredible drop-down screen, which absolutely made it. Special thanks to Shannon Cochrane for inviting me and giving me this dreamboat of a quote…

“So deadpan it’s almost not funny”
– Shannon Cochrane


I’ve done this set a few times, and this video was made in Copenhagen where I was doing a residency with LiveArt.DK. In the gig before this one, no one laughed for the whole eight minutes. They just watched me in silence.

My First Ever Stand-Up Comedy Gig

I’ve put this on here, even though it is an Internet performance, because it’s one of my all time favourites. It was actually my first-ever comedy gig. You can find out more about it here.

Trying to Remember

Everyone says it, it’s a real pleasure performing at The Stand. This video was shown in David Conroy’s exhibition at Seventeen Gallery in 2015.

Speaking to Ivor

A phone conversation with Ivor Cutler at one of the Oh No… nights at the Waverley bar.

An Audience with Helia

A collaboration with Emma Leach and Helia Murdock. Performed at LUPA (Lock Up Performance Art) run by Aaron Williamson and Jordon McKenzie in their garage in Bethnal Green. Simon Raven wrote a review.

Explaining Sense & Sensibility to an Old Deer

Wollaton Hall is a 16th century house in Nottingham, with grounds inhabited by freely roaming deer and rooms housing a vast collection of taxidermied animals. Wollaton Hall is also said to have influenced Jane Austin’s novel Sense and Sensibility. In Explaining Sense and Sensibility to an Old Deer I read sections of the book to a taxidermied stag, while explaining human traits such as irony, sadness, empathy, sexism, humour and equal opportunities by trying to equate them to social situations that the deer might once have found itself in. Posthumous Progress was an event organised by Simon Raven.

Disguised as Things

In an attempt to hide from the audience, I disguised myself as stage props.

Picture Object Performance Series

A series of tabletop performances, which are projected live.