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If you’d like a poem written about you for your birthday, send personal information and twenty pounds. Here is some other writing that you can have for free.

Egg on my Face

An unlikely chain of events involving a feminist reading group, a golf championship, free range eggs and Alex Salmond.

When Will I be a Real Comedian?

An article written for the Amateur Library project about trying to be funny.

The Asking Giving Taking of Artist Led Activity

A text about self-organisation.

The Artist Taxi Driver is Off His Nut

The Madness and Motives of Mark McGowan

The Boy Who Cried Banana

This is a text about what happened during The Transmission, a performance by Diego Chamy and Mike Majkowski, where Diego described a performance that he had seen to Mike and Mike then performed the piece according the description he received. They chose the participatory performance, BANANA, by Orion Maxted, who was invited to the performance without having been told that a rendition of his piece was going to be performed.

Dr. Brown and the Volunteer

Review of the final show of Dr. Brown’s Bexperiments at the Underbelly on 13th August 2013. Bexperiements was a series of eight shows back-to-back. Dr. Brown started the first show with nothing and built up the rest from the best of the previous.

Two Photographs

A collaboration with my mum on the subject of rock climbing and lineage.